Sunday, February 10 at 4:20pm

Free event in West Oakland.

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Until recently, we were stuck choosing between binary gender norms that were mediocre at best, oppressive at worst. Mylee Blake uses alternative mindstates & immersive experience to explore embodied expression of the true self. With 18 years of transfeminine experience, Mylee hopes to shed some pixelated light on the gender spectrum, through the tale of a gifted human, a catalyst, a birth, death, and rebirth.


Myles “Mylee” Blake is transfeminine queer producer of film & immersive experiences, and empath; guiding others on their journey through gender and psychedelic use towards self-discovery.
As a person of transfeminine experience, their transition has span over 18 years and several phases. Through it, they have gained a unique understanding of gender and what it takes to be happy. As a psychonaut, Mylee has always used psychedelics to look deep into their own psyche, breaking apart the ego to discover oneself through gender and souls expression. With this unique foundation, they take on immersive experience design with the belief that immense transformation can happen in a short amount of time.


Venue requires walking up two flights of stairs. Venue is not scent-free. Cannabis consumption is welcomed in venue. All-gender restroom. Water and tea is provided.


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